My Son (Hoi An)

My Son (Hoi An)

You are looking for the adventurous tour in Vietnam. You want to enjoy the great moments with your family and your friends on holiday. Welcome to Vietnam tour Hue – My Son – Hoi An that is an amazing trip you should not miss.

If you have a good opportunity to visit Vietnam, it is recommended taking the Vietnam tour Hue – My Son – Hoi An. Our tour will depart from Hue to visit many places and attractions in My Son and Hoi An.

My Son is recognized as the World Cultural Heritage and it is known as the Holy Land. It lies inside the mighty valley complex in Quang Nam province. Visiting My Son, we can find more than 70 temples of Cham Pa civilization that have hold cultural, historical, artistic and architecture values in 9 centuries (from 4th to 18th centuries). Taking the Vietnam tour Hue – My Son – Hoi An, we can learn and understand about huge knowledge related ancient culture, history, architecture, and art that was known as valuable relics of South East Asia region, including Pagan, Angkor, and Borobudur. Old Cham people have devoted their spirit and soul to every soil and stone in My Son. My Son reflects not only nature but also humanity.

Wars left the priceless relics in My Son and they attract a lot of tourists who come for discovery and adventure each year. Although some relics have been impaired severely due to the wars and time, the remainder still makes My Son become the world cultural historic architectural heritage.

The Vietnam tour Hue – My Son – Hoi An also takes you to visit charming Hoi An. Unlike My Son, Hoi An has been used as a busy international trading port. Hoi An possesses many major potentials for tourism development. If you look for the peaceful and beautiful beaches, Hoi An is an ideal destination. And our Vietnam tour Hue – My Son – Hoi An can give you a wonderful experience.

Taking part in our Vietnam tour Hue – My Son – Hoi An, you also get a chance of eating tasty foods in My Son and delicious seafood in Hoi An.

Our Vietnam tour Hue – My Son – Hoi An will depart before 10.00 am. Our tour passes Lang Co beach, Hai Van Pass, Cham Museum, My Son Holy Land and charming Hoi An. We stay and rest in a hotel in Hoi An.

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