Khe Sanh , Vinh Moc

Departure in the early morning to Dong Ha City. We have some stops at sites along the way (important to the 1972 Easter Offensive). From Dong Ha, we proceed west on highway 9 and pass a series of the old U.S Marines’ firebases such as Camp Carroll, Fuller, Rockpile, Dakrong Brigde, Ta Con airport and Khe Sanh Combat base.

Drive back to Dong ha for lunch break. After lunch, we continue north to the old DMZ on highway 1, the old de-facto border between North and South Vietnam for 18 years, where we will take a walk on Hien Luong Bridge across the Ben Hai River, the river that was the only true physical demarcation line between the two Vietnams. Countinue to visit Doc Mieu base. The last stop of the day is Vinh Moc Tunnels, the refuge of some 400 north Vietnamese refugees during the bombing operation “Rolling Thunder.” Drive all the way back to Hue.

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